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Affected Builds: London

Issue Description:
The portal "swp" associated with Agent Workspace has its default catalog set to "Service Catalog"
If you want to use a different catalog, it is not possible to change it as the sp_portal record of "swp" is read-only

Steps to Reproduce

1. Log in as an Admin and open Agent Workspace
2. Open any active incident and click on the "Create Request" UI Action
3. Notice that you will be redirect to a Service Portal Catalog page (The page is shown from swp portal)
4. The catalog shown is "Service Catalog" by default
5. Open the following portal record for "swp" -


Expected behavior
You should be able to change the Catalog and use any other catalog as per your requirement

Actual behavior
This record is read-only, and you are forced to use "Service Catalog"


When you see this issue, please open an incident in HI for our Customer Support team.

Our Customer Support team currently has privilege to update the "swp" portal record and to point it to the correct catalog as per your requirement.

Related Problem: PRB1309709

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London Patch 1 Hot Fix 2

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