On instances switched to Japanese language, date validation scripts do not work properly in Service Portal when the date format is set as dd-MMM-yy.
The value returned from the g_form.getValue() method on a client side script fetches the Japanese translated value, causing the logic for date validation to mishandle this output.


Steps to Reproduce


On any OOB Kingston instance:

1. Change the date format to dd-MMM-yy under Bascis Configuration UI16
2. Open any catalog item
3. Create a new variable (such as test_date) with type Date
4. Create an on change client script on that item to show up the value entered in the date field using g_form.getValue('<variable name>') with an alert to show the value that is being fetched
5. Open the catalog item under service portal in a new tab and change the language to Japanese
6. Refresh the SP tab so that you can have the catalog item under SP in Japanese
7. Put a date value in the date field

Observe the value fetched through the client script g_form.getValue method. The Japanese translated value is returned, so for a date 09 Oct 2018 it fetches 09-10月-18. This causes erroneous date validations comparing a current date to a previous or future date.


This problem is fixed in London. An Update Set workaround applicable to Kingston Patch 8 is attached. This will need to be tested in a sub-prod instance. Previous versions do not present the issue, so do not have any workaround.


Related Problem: PRB1308538

Seen In

Kingston Patch 7
Kingston Patch 8

Intended Fix Version

London Patch 4

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