The english text "Defer" is translated to different german equivalent words on Vulnerability form, state, and modal dialog. Each of these german translations (zurückgestellt, ignoriert, aussetzen) gives different meaning and does not exactly translates "Defer".


Steps to Reproduce


  1. Log in an instance as administrator.

  2. Activate the Vulnerability Response [com.snc.vulnerability] plugin and load the demo data as well.

  3. Activate the German language plugin [com.snc.i18n.german].

  4. Navigate to Vulnerability > Vulnerabilities > Open to load the list and open Vulnerability records.

  5. Open one of record from the list.

  6. Click on the "Close/Defer" UI Action to open the expected popup. On the modal window, observe there is a state called "Deferred", and the modal window title is "Close or Defer Vulnerable Item".

  7. Switch language to German and repeat the previous step on the "Close/Defer" UI Action. Observe the word "Defer" is translated differently across the three occurrences (UI Action = zurückgestellt, State = ignoriert, Modal Window Title = aussetzen). The expected translated word should be always "zurückgestellt".

  8. Observe as well the "Vulnerability Item" title on the top left corner of the Vulnerability form is translated into "Artikel mit Schwachstellen", but on the modal window into "Angreifbares Element".



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The workaround consists in updating the entries listed below with the required translation. The customization will need to be reverted or overwritten once the official fixing patch will be deployed.

  • The translation for the "ignoriert" choice list entry is located in: /
  • The translation for the vulnerability close/defer modal window title UI message is located in: /


Related Problem: PRB1307732

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