This article will detail on how to add Knowledge articles to homepage in news section.


Create News KB articles:

First you need to create a KB article with topic as "News", you can get it done as details below.

As per the following document, via "Post news" ( UI Action, you can publish a knowledge article with topic as "News". Copied the below steps from document for your quick reference,

  1. Open the problem from which to post news.
  2. Click the Post News related link.
    -- The resulting knowledge article contains the following information.
    -- The problem number and Short description become the knowledge article Short description.
    -- The problem Description and Work notes become the knowledge article Text.
    -- The problem Configuration Item becomes the knowledge article Configuration Item for the Affected Products related list.

Add KB articles with topic=News to homepage:

When you have the KB article with topic=News, you can add them to homepage via below steps,

  1. Go to the homepage where you wanted to add News KB Articles
  2. Click on "Add Content"=>"Knowledge Base"=>"News" and click on "Add here" as shown in the attached screenshot.

Applicable Versions

Any Supported release. 

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