Users are unable to change the Based-On field in an On-Call Schedule.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Hop into the instance.
  2. Navigate to On-call scheduling and open any group schedule.
  3. Change the Schedule field under the Rota record.
  4. Save.


This is the expected behavior by design and the 'Based on' field value is used to stamp the value of the schedule selected by the user when he is creating the rota using an existing schedule in the wizard.

  • The "Based_on" field is a stamped field which will store the default Schedule the user selected while creating the ROTA, which will ultimately create a new schedule entry in the [cmn_schedule] table with the same name as the ROTA and the schedule's duration; eg. Workday 9:00 - 5:00 or Workday 9:00 - 5:00 or 24 x 7, etc.
  • When changing the schedule under the ROTA record, will not update the 'based_on' field as it is only a stamped field which stores the initial attached schedule value. This field is by default read-only.
  • When we create a rota using an existing schedule in the wizard, the "Based on" field value will be stamped.
  • It won't change for other cases. It continues to have the original template that was used for creating the ROTA.
  • This field is used as a reference for which schedule was originally used to create the ROTA.

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