You can trigger the "Active Directory Domain Controller" pattern by creating a process classifier.


  • Navigate to Discovery > CI Classification > Process
  • Click on "New" and create a process classifier with the following parameters:
    • Table: Active Directory Domain Controller
    • Relation Type: Runs on::Runs
    • Condition: Name contains lsass.exe
    • Click on Save and add the "Active Directory Domain Controller Pattern" as follows:
    • Under "Triggers probes", click on "Edit..."
    • Choose "Horizontal Pattern":
    • Click on "HorizontalDiscoveryProbe-Horizontal Patt" and choose "Active Directory Domain Controller Pattern on Windows"
    • Perform a rediscovery and Active Directory domains should get created in the "cmdb_ci_ad_controller" table.


Applicable Versions

All Versions.

Additional Information

This other article may be useful to populate the Active Directory relationship tab for the respective CI: KB0714355 - Active Directory Domain Controller tab is empty

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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:53:46