How to add the Virtual Agent widget to Service Portal for London and Madrid releases.


You can add the Virtual Agent widget to the Service Portal on either one page of the Portal or make it available across the platform by embedding it in the footer. 

Adding the Virtual Agent widget to a single page.

Adding the Virtual Agent widget and making the icon available throughout the Service portal. 

  1. Go to Service Portal -> Widgets
  2. Find the "Virtual Agent Service Portal Widget" (sn-va-sp-widget) widget and copy the ID of the widget.
  3. Now we have to embed this widget throughout the portal. Go to Service Portal -> Portals. Open the Portal record where you want to add the Virtual Agent icon. 
  4. Now, open the Theme record for this portal.
  5. In the theme, open the 'Footer' record. Now add the following code in the 'Body HTML Template' to embed the widget and save.
        <widget id="sn-va-sp-widget"></widget>
    6. Make sure that 'Fixed Footer' is checked on the Theme record from step 4 otherwise the virtual agent icon will keep floating at the bottom of the page.

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