The user preference to set the default search category in a list is not honored in List v3.
In List v2, setting the 'db.order' user preference would not only affect which column the list was default sorted on, but also what the default search category on that list would be.

e.g. incident.db.order
value: name
user: [blank]

This would set the default search category on the incident list to Name.
In List v3 this only affects the sort column.

Steps to Reproduce

With List v3 active
1. User Preferences 
2. Create New
3. Name: incident.db.order
4. System: true
5. User: [leave blank]
6. Value: sys_updated_on
6. Log out and log back in.
7. open incident.list
Expected behavior
You should be able to see the list sorted on 'Updated' and also the default search category at the top of the list should be 'Updated'
Actual behavior
The list will be sorted on 'Updated', but the default search category will be unaffected by this user preference.


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Related Problem: PRB724481

Seen In

Helsinki Patch 3 Hot Fix 4
Helsinki Patch 5

Fixed In

Kingston Patch 12

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