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Builds that are known NOT to be affected:
All earlier releases Kingston, Jakarta & Istanbul doesn't have this issue.

Issue Description:
There is a 'WRITE' type ACL on 'comments' (Additional Comments) field in 'sc_req_item' table in London release family. This ACL is failing for all ITIL users and restricting them to access the 'Additional Comments' field on RITM form.

Steps to Reproduce

Pre-requisites: London instance.

  1. Hop to any 'London' instance.
  2. Navigate to the write ACL 'sc_req_item.comments' by using the below URL:
  3. This ACL allows only either 'Requested For' (or) 'Opened By' users to access the additional comments field on the RITM form. This ACL is not present in earlier releases like Istanbul, Jakarta & Kingston and all ITIL users used to have write access to the Additional comments field.

    Expected behavior: ITIL users should be able to access the Additional Comments field.
    Actual behavior: ITIL users are not able to access the comments field.

    Please note that this newly added ACL is a part of the plugin 'com.glideapp.servicecatalog.platform' and not present in earlier ServiceNow releases.


Create a new 'WRITE' type ACL on sc_req_item table for 'comments' field with role as 'ITIL'.

This would fix the issue.

Alternately you can import the attached update set



Related Problem: PRB1307479

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London Patch 6

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