When clicking on 'Show email details' in an Email Activity, the email content is normally opened within the same Activity. If 'Sent/Received Emails' is unchecked and re-checked, when clicking on 'Show email details' again, the email content will be opened in a new page.


Steps to Reproduce


  1. Log in an early Kingston or London instance.
  2. Configure the email and create an Activity in an Incident with Email content.
  3. Open an Incident that contains an Email Activity.
  4. Click on 'Show email details'. Observe the content is opened within the same Activity.
  5. Uncheck 'Sent/Received Emails' on the Filter.
  6. Check 'Sent/Received Emails' again on the Filter.
  7. Click on 'Show email details' again. Observe the content of the email is opened in a new page instead.


There is no workaround applicable. Please review the Fixed In section to determine the latest available patch your instance can be upgraded to.


Related Problem: PRB1158420

Seen In


Fixed In

Kingston Patch 10
London Patch 2

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