On occasion, customers have reported an issue in which the template selections displayed for a specific table type have been greatly reduced in the pick list  A template selection is found in a form or record which contains field references to another common form in the system (such as Change Request or Task).  This can be found on forms and objects such as Inbound Email Actions (within the Actions tab) and many of the ATF (Automated Test Framework) Test Step forms.

The following screenshots show the affects of this issue.  The first screenshot shows the normal expected behavior of one of these forms, where the full list of field selections is found in the list.  The second screenshot shows the same form on an instance in which the issue is occurring.  As will be noticed, in that instance, a much smaller and restricted listing of field types is found and can be selected in the list.

Incident field selection list for normal instance     Incident field selection list in instance experiencing the issue







Cause of Issue

The cause of this issue, as experienced by a customer is usually due to a modification of the root ACL corresponding to that Target table with an operation of save_as_template.

This may be an intentional or unintentional change to the ACL, but this change will greatly affect the fields that will appear and that can be selected in the Field selector form.

In the example below, the example is given on how to troubleshoot and fix this issue for the Incident form.  However, similar steps can be performed to resolve the same issue for other common forms such as Change Request or Task.

Example and How to Fix

In this example, we will troubleshoot the issue as occurring for the Incident form.

Thus, in this example, the issue experienced is that when a customer is attempting to create a new Inbound Email Action (or update an existing record of that type) they are finding that the selections of Actions on the form is very limited to just a few fields from that form.

The root cause in this case will most likely be the Operation save_as_table ACL for the Incident table type (with the * operator selected as the field name).  For instance, the out-of-box URL for this record (related to Incident) is as follows:


The normal out-of-box record should be set to allow Admins to access the record through the Admin Override option.  However, this might be found to have been unchecked.

The main way to fix this issue would be to simply check the Admin overrides text box, save the record and log out and back into the instance for testing (see screenshot):

ACL form - correct setting for out-of-box

In some cases, however, this field may have been unchecked or the ACL altered intentionally to restrict access for some reason.  In that case, in order to ensure that only allowable records should appear, the admin user can instead simply add new ACL records for the specific field types he wants to allow access to.

The list for all the current ACL's defined for the Incident table can be found by submitting the following URL search in the instance:


As can be seen from the screen-shot, by default only a small subset of field types actually have an ACL predefined out-of-box.

Default list of fields defined for Incident Templates

Thus, to add additional fields, add a new ACL for each field type you want to have appear in the selection list in the templates related to that table type.

The following are the field settings you would want to set (in this example the table used is for the Incident table):

Type: record

Operation: save_as_template

Admin overrides: checked

Active: checked

Advanced: checked

Name: <Table Name> in this case Incident

Field Name (field to immediate right of the first Name field: <Field Name> - as an example 

Script: true;

See the following screenshots which show what this record might look like if created for the State field on the Incident table:

Top portion of new ACL form


Bottom portion of new ACL form

Additional Information

As noted, this issue has so far been experienced with the Incident form, but could also be experienced with equal probability with any other form in which a template form might be used (such as Change or Problem).

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