After an upgrade to London, the LogTransactionMonitor will attempt to log REST transactions (even though they have already been logged) if the transaction deletes a record in a table where deletes are audited. The SQL error traced is the following:

com.glide.db.GlideSQLException: FAILED TRYING TO EXECUTE ON CONNECTION 11: INSERT INTO syslog_transaction0000
Unique Key violation detected by database (Duplicate entry '04cefb3387a113002ae97e2526cb0b7b' for key 'PRIMARY')

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Login a London instance as administrator.
  2. Import the attached UI Action.
  3. Execute the UI Action from an incident in Workspace or directly through the REST API /api/now/ui/ui_action/242ebf3387a113002ae97e2526cb0bab.
  4. Notice the primary key exception on INSERT INTO SYSLOG_TRANSACTION.


This issue is fixed in London Patch 6 and Madrid. The error can be ignored in London as it does not block or affect any functionality.

Related Problem: PRB1273339

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Fixed In

London Patch 6

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