Conflict Checker is not running

Conflicts are not being detected

Conflict fields are not populated



The Conflict displayed on the form is not the actual Conflict checker

Conflicts is displayed as the related list which is not the actual conflict form. 


Add the actual Conflict section on the form as follows :

On a change request record, click the menu and select Configure > Form Layout

  1. Scroll down to Form View and section
  2. Click the New/Add button
  3. Name your section (the default name is Conflicts)
  4. From the available fields list above select "Conflict Checker Progress" and "Conflicts Detected"
  5. Save your changes
  6. Run Check Conflicts from the Conflict form to populate 

Additional Information

You can also run Conflict Detection automatically. 

Enable automatic change conflict detection

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Last Updated:2018-10-09 22:44:54