When one of the Change Request workflows (e.g. Normal, Emergency) is changed while there are Change Requests in-flight, using the 'Revert to New' UI Action does not revert the Change Request to the 'New' state.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a normal change and move it to the assess state.
  2. Change the workflow of the normal change and publish it again.
  3. Navigate to the change created in step 2 and click the UI action 'Revert to New'.

Expected behavior: The change request should be moved to the New state.
Actual behavior: The change request should be moved to the Scheduled state.


Add the following method to the ChangeRequest Script Include before the line 'type: "ChangeRequest"':

// Workaround for PRB1261372
_deleteWorkflowContext: function(workflowName) {
    var workflow = new Workflow();
    var wfContext = workflow.getContexts(this._gr);
    while (wfContext.next()) {
        if (wfContext.workflow_version.nil() || wfContext.state+"" !== "executing")
        var wfVersion = wfContext.workflow_version.getRefRecord();
        if (wfVersion.name + "" === workflowName) {

This will replace the method on the OOB script include and can be removed safely be once upgraded to release which includes the for PRB1261372.

Related Problem: PRB1261372

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Kingston Patch 7

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