System clones fail during the pre-flight checks with the error:

'areThereIDPDuplicatesInTargetInstance' activity: IDP column in source table saml2_update1_properties is unique and the IDP: [name of IDP record] has duplicate records in the target instance

No errors or failures are given to indicate data preserver import errors when a column is not unique in the target instance and has duplicate values. One common example of this is the IDP (Identity Provider URL) column on the saml2_update1_properties table.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Set the Unique flag of the IDP (Identity Provider URL) column in saml2_update1_properties to false
  2. Create records on the sso_properties table with duplicate values in the IDP field
  3. Clone over this instance from another instance
  4. One of the duplicate records will become corrupt


This behaviour is by design in the current releases. In order to prevent blocking issues after cloning when duplicate values exist, the clone engine will stop execution when duplicate values are detected. Technical Support will then be tasked to intervene via an automatically-generated incident.

The solution is to remove or update the records so that there are no longer duplicate values. For example, in the case of the IDP (Identity Provider URL) column on saml2_update1_properties table, the duplicate IDP (Identity Provider URL) value must be changed to another unique value, or the duplicate record must be removed completely:

1. Go to the clone target.

2. Open the table [saml2_update1_properties].

3. Group the 'Identity Provider URL' column and identify duplicate records.

4. Either delete those duplicate record(s) or update the value to make them not unique.

5. Re-submit the clone.

Related Problem: PRB1183030

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