How to change the color of the text, and icons/buttons in the banner frame?


In Jakarta, there is not a supported way to change that color as you want. However, a user can try the following:
1- Go to System UI > Themes.
2- Select an existing theme such as Black and White (or click the button New to create a new theme)
3- Add the code below into the field CSS:
$navpage-header-button-color: addacolorhere       
4- Save the record.
5- Witch your instance to the theme Black and White (or to the new theme created).
6- The color may be applied to the text and buttons/icons from the banner frame. 

Applicable Versions

Jakarta, Kingston, London

Additional Information

Check out this doc about Customizing instance appearance  

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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:46:00