Event Management events are not processed. Because such events are not processed, alerts will not be created nor incidents which are created by such alerts.

Root Cause

Scheduled job "Event Management - process event" issues such as stopped, stuck or claimed by a passive node.

To confirm this is the correct root cause for which the events are stuck in "ready" state:

  1. Go to "System Scheduler > Scheduled Jobs > Today's Scheduled Jobs". 
  2. Search for job "Event Management - process events". 
  3. Check the "Next action" and the "Claimed by" columns. 
  4. This job out of box (OOB) should run every 5 seconds. Therefore the "Next action" should be a few seconds from now. If "Next action" is a time in the past, then likely the job is stuck.


A simple solution is to recreate the jobs as follows:

  1. Go to "Event Management > Settings > Properties" 
  2. Find option "Number of scheduled jobs processing events" and update to a number different then the current value and save. 

The above will recreate the jobs to be claimed by an active node. The value can be reverted back afterwards.

Additional Information

See the following document for a review of the Event Management event process flow:

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