Actual/business elapsed time in incident ticket is not updating


Working as expected. SLA's do not refresh when incident ticket loads/refreshes, but rather are updated by scheduled jobs.


From reviewing example SLA this appears to be working as expected. When reviewing this, the actual and business times have both updated. Please keep in mind SLA records are not updated in real time. SLA records are not designed to update when the incident record is reloaded, this is not how they are designed to refresh.  These records are updated in intervals depending on the duration time set in the SLA definition record. Please see our docs on this:
Scheduled jobs for SLA
As the duration for the SLA mentioned is 8 hours, the scheduled job will only run once an hour updating this task sla record
SLA update (breach within 1 day): repeats every hour



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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:45:54