1. Is the CSM portal intended for external customers only or is the intent built to handle internal customers?
2. Is this CSM portal intended to replace cases completely for internal customers? 
3. Does CSM application integrate with Event module within ServiceNow? 



1. Is the CSM portal intended for external customers only or is the intent built to handle internal customers?
- Customer service portal can be used by employees, but this is mainly designed for customers. The main uses of the portal can be seen in the following documentation: 

Use the Customer Service Portal 
Customers can use the portal to: 
Search the knowledge base for information that is relevant to an issue. 
Engage the community, reach out to other users, and ask questions. 
Create a case for an issue or a problem. 
View and manage current user-created cases. 
View asset and product information. 
View or update information in a user profile. 
Update notification preferences. 

customer administrators can also use the portal to: 
Create a new contact. 
Create a login for a new contact. 
Enable or disable a contact login. 
Assign a user role to a contact. 
Assign a contact to an asset. 
View and update customer contact information. 
Approve registration requests. 
Assuming only the OOB functionality is being used, and all customer roles are given strictly external users, this portal will mainly be used by customers. 

2. Is this CSM portal intended to replace cases completely for internal customers? 
The answer here is the option is available for internal users/agents for working a case. Please see our docs on this: 

Customer service case form 
There are two different versions of the Case form: a detailed view that is available to agents and agent managers in the Customer Service Management application and a simplified view that is available to external customers from the Customer Service Portal. 
Agents have the option of using either the service portal view or the detailed view within the application. At this time from the docs it appears the suggestion is for agents to use the application view, but they should be able to use the other portal view if they want. 

3. Does CSM Module integrate with Event module within ServiceNow? 
- Events can be created within the Customer service scope. This can be accomplished by setting the application picker to the Customer Service application. From there, when creating a new event registry the available tables in this scope will appear for creating the registry. 

Here is the documentation for the applications that integrate with CSM: 

Integration with other applications 


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