Auto time cards being created for my account when they should not be. Business rule running for user record without role set in.


User has admin Role.


The behaviour seen is due to the 'admin' role. Although the user record does not display the role set in condition, the system will still see any user with admin role having this role. This can be reproduced in an out of box instance as well. Even if a role is removed/deleted from an admin user record, the system will still see them as having this role. This can also be seen in the instance when removing the admin role from user account. The business rule will then not run as expected when admin is removed from the user account. In this particular case, if you are expecting this to not run for admins, different conditions will need to be added/set on this business rule that checks something outside of roles. 

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Last Updated:2020-09-08 02:53:31