'Suspend Dialog Box' client script on the sn_hr_core_case table can produces the following error when viewing in printer friendly view.

onChange script error: TypeError: g_form.isLiveUpdating is not a function function () { [native code] }

The issue is caused by an onchange client script named "Suspend Dialog Box" on the HR Case form invoking g_form.isLiveUpdating() API, which is not defined in the printer friendly view.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Install Human Resources Scoped App: Core plugin on a London
  2. Open any existing HR Case case (or create one).
  3. Create a "print" view and add only state field to it.
  4. On the form, change the view to newly created "print" view and go to setting and click on "Printer Friendly version" button to open printer friendly view.
  5. See that an error message is visible in red below the "State" field


In Client script 'Suspend Dialog Box' (sys_id=165541030b6022006ec86f3ef6673afa), change the following expression



typeof g_form.isLiveUpdating === 'function' && g_form.isLiveUpdating()

This will make sure that the function API is defined before trying to call it.

Related Problem: PRB1304924

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