New Reporting UI, Condition Builder v3 prevents the display of values for a reference field in the filter condition of the report when reference field has choice selected as Dropdown without -- None --

The choice field of the column of type 'Reference' does not display the down arrow in the filter condition(right side field) to select the choices.

When we select the field in the report it throws an error in console:

js_includes_reportdesigner_platformdependencies.jsx?v=08-15-2018_0923&lp=Tue_Sep_25_15_07_08_PDT_2018&c=19_320:24789 error setting editor type TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined
    at FilterComparison._initChoiceField (js_includes_reportdesigner_platformdependencies.jsx?v=08-15-2018_0923&lp=Tue_Sep_25_15_07_08_PDT_2018&c=19_320:24810)
    at FilterComparison._initFieldType (js_includes_reportdesigner_platformdependencies.jsx?v=08-15-2018_0923&lp=Tue_Sep_25_15_07_08_PDT_2018&c=19_320:24780)
    at FilterComparison.fieldSelectChange (js_includes_reportdesigner_platformdependencies.jsx?v=08-15-2018_0923&lp=Tue_Sep_25_15_07_08_PDT_2018&c=19_320:24667)
    at FilterComparison.<anonymous> (js_includes_reportdesigner_platformdependencies.jsx?v=08-15-2018_0923&lp=Tue_Sep_25_15_07_08_PDT_2018&c=19_320:24635)
    at js_includes_reportdesigner_platformdependencies.jsx?v=08-15-2018_0923&lp=Tue_Sep_25_15_07_08_PDT_2018&c=19_320:135
    at m.$eval (js_includes_reportdesigner_platformdependencies.jsx?v=08-15-2018_0923&lp=Tue_Sep_25_15_07_08_PDT_2018&c=19_320:150)
    at m.$digest (js_includes_reportdesigner_platformdependencies.jsx?v=08-15-2018_0923&lp=Tue_Sep_25_15_07_08_PDT_2018&c=19_320:147)
    at b.$apply (js_includes_reportdesigner_platformdependencies.jsx?v=08-15-2018_0923&lp=Tue_Sep_25_15_07_08_PDT_2018&c=19_320:150)
    at HTMLAnchorElement.<anonymous> (js_includes_reportdesigner_platformdependencies.jsx?v=08-15-2018_0923&lp=Tue_Sep_25_15_07_08_PDT_2018&c=19_320:284)
    at HTMLAnchorElement.dispatch (js_includes_doctype.jsx?v=08-15-2018_0923&lp=Tue_Sep_25_15_07_08_PDT_2018&c=19_320:24029)

Steps to Reproduce


- Log in to any Kingston instance
- Create a new table, example- 'TestTable'
- Create a column for that table, of type - Reference.
- Select any existing Reference under the Reference Specification tab.
- Under Choice List Specification tab, select the choice - 'Dropdown without -- None -- (must specify a default value)'
- Submit it
- Go to 'Create New' report. (Be in New UI report mode)
- Select that table that you created from the table dropdown and Run the report once.
- Click on the funnel icon to add the filter condition having the column we created.
- Once you select that column, observe the rightmost field being empty without the down arrow appearing for the choice selection.


If the choice in the sys_dictionary of that column is made 'None' instead, the report would show the down arrow for that field in the filter

Related Problem: PRB1276650

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Kingston Patch 4

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