When an apostrophe or single quote (') is used in the title of a knowledge article the following happens:

  • Breaks the knowledge view page (kb_view), none of the buttons ('Flag article' or 'Edit') work when clicked.
  • The knowledge article title is not displayed
  • The following error is seen in the developer console

Uncaught ReferenceError: kbConfig is not defined 
at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (KBViewArticle.jsdbx?v=06-21-2018_1724&c=28_431&cache=2018-09-07 07:15:32:911) 
at i (js_includes_doctype.jsx?v=06-21-2018_1724&lp=Sun_Sep_09_23_23_48_PDT_2018&c=28_431:24020) 
at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (js_includes_doctype.jsx?v=06-21-2018_1724&lp=Sun_Sep_09_23_23_48_PDT_2018&c=28_431:24020) 
at Function.ready (js_includes_doctype.jsx?v=06-21-2018_1724&lp=Sun_Sep_09_23_23_48_PDT_2018&c=28_431:24020) 
at HTMLDocument.J (js_includes_doctype.jsx?v=06-21-2018_1724&lp=Sun_Sep_09_23_23_48_PDT_2018&c=28_431:24020)



A problem (PRB1285875) was already raised and is now fixed in Jakart Patch 10, Kingston Patch 8 and in London

Suitable workaround is to set the following properties to true:

  • glide.ui.escape_all_script
  • glide.ui.escape_text



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