If there are any duplicate values on the saml2_update1_properties table for the IDP column on the target instance, the clone activity which checks the uniqueness of the IDP will fail and the clone will be intervened.


Example of the clone error messages on the change request:


"failure at 'areThereIDPDuplicatesInTargetInstance' activity: IDP colmun in source table saml2_update1_properties is unique and the IDP: has duplicate records in the target instance", INT3879979 is created for this failure.  


Note: For further information, please check the automated incident created for this failure.



To resolve this issue, you have 2 options:


  1.  Remove the duplicate IDP records from the saml2_update1_properties table

on the target instance.




  1. Use a unique IDP (Identity Provider URL) for each of the records on the target’s instance saml2_update1_properties table.


After completing the steps to ensure the uniqueness of the IDP, the Instance Automation team can approve the intervene so the clone can continue or a new clone will need to be requested.




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