"Edit Personal Filters" does not work for Non-admin users due to Security constraints (ACL). Users reported that only Admin only can manage those filters.

Steps to Reproduce

As an ITIL user unable to edit personal filters from Add Child Incidents form workbench
1. Login as ITIL user
2. Open any major incident
3. Click on Workbench
4. Go to Child Incident widget --> Select Add from menu
5. Edit the Filter Query and save the Filter
6. Select Menu -->Filters -> Edit Personal Filters

Observation: Security constraints prevent access to requested page


There is an ACL running on sys_filter_list table which restricts all the users except the users with the role 'sn_esm_user' and 'admin' which results in this scenario. 

Disable this ACL as a workaround: 


Related Problem: PRB1280418

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