Service Portal allows users to submit an order guide even if the required mandatory fields are not populated in the form.

Steps to Reproduce


1) In release previous to Kingston use the "SC Order Guide", since Kingston use the "SC Order Guide Deprecated".

2) Add a new Single Line Text variable on the Development Laptop (PC) .

3) Make this new variable mandatory.

4) Access the Request Developer Project Equipment Order Guide from Service Portal /sp?id=sc_cat_item_guide&sys_id=25110912372211003e7d40ed9dbe5dd6 .

5) Select "Both" on Are you developing for Android or iOS?

6) Quickly click on the Submit button before all the items are fully loaded. Observe the order guide is submitted even if the mandatory field is not populated.


This is by design, the pre-Kingston Order Guide widget is deprecated and no longer supported. This issue does not occur when using the new Order Guide widget "SC Order Guide" delivered since Kingston.


Related Problem: PRB1178314

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