MID Server Manual Upgrade Steps


1. Make sure there are no scheduled transactions happening to the MID Server during the procedure especially if performing it in PRODUCTION instance. 
2. Backup the following files before the procedures and note of the credentials used (username, password, proxy information) 
    a. "config.xml" - found under agent folder. 
    b. "wrapper-override.conf" - found under 'conf' folder. 
1. Download the updated MID Server package from the instance (https://<instance_name> 
    a. Access the instance from the Mid Server server and download the MID Server package from there.
    b. Download the Mid Server file from other location and transfer it to the MID Server server.
2. Make sure the Mid Server service is stop. 
3. Go to the existing MID Server installation folder, rename the existing 'agent' folder and place it in a different location.  
4. Extract the package, this will create a new 'agent' folder. 
5. Copy the newly extracted 'agent' folder to the desired location. 
6. Manually update the following files based on the information from the backup files 
   a. config.xml - (username, password, proxy information) 
   b. wrapper-override.conf - (, wrapper.displayname) 
7. Start the MID Server service. 
8. Check the MID Server from the instance if the Status is UP.
9. Validate the MID Server if necessary.

Additional Information

For reference, please see the detailed steps to install the MID Server from the URL:
Download the MID Server files:

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