Docker discovery is not working. 


J and above.


This could happen if the Docker pattern wasn't triggered at all. Check that the pattern has been triggered. For the docker pattern to be triggered, the horizontal pattern probe should be launched which in turn triggers the Docker pattern. This happens if the docker process is first detected by the classifiers for docker engine. 


On the list of the process classifications for Discovery, for the Docker Engine process (cmdb_ci_docker_engine table), check that the enlisted conditions' values match with the values returned on the discovery payload. Usually, the conditions on the classifier have values like 'Name',  'dockerd' and 'docker-daemon'. Check that the discovery payload also contains these values. If this is not the case, modify the condition on the process classifier for the docker engine and add an 'OR' condition to check for the following- 

'Parameters' contains 'docker'. Save this change on the classifier and run a new discovery scan. This should trigger the docker pattern. 

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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:47:22