Maintenance rule "CI in Change Window" does not flag CI's in em_impact_maint_ci table. Change is in current active window but we do not see the CI flagged in em_impact_maint_ci table.


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Maintenance rule "CI in change window" will Populate the "em_impact_maint_ci" table only if all the following Conditions match.
  1. Change request is Approved.
  2. Change request is one of the following states(Scheduled, Implement, Open, Work In progress), we specifically query for the state values(state in (-2 ,-1 ,1, 2), 
  3. The change request window is active
-If the Choice list for state (Scheduled, Implemented, Open, work in Progress) is mapped to any of the other values other than (-2,-1,1,2), maintenance rule will ignore it and CI will not be updated in the em_impact_maint_ci table.
-Maintenance rule "CI in change window" will not change the operational status of the CI to maintenance. It will only create an entry in the CI in the em_impact_maint_ci table.


  • Check to see if you have mapped the states of a change table to other values. The values Out of the box that backend are looking for are (-2, -1, 1, 2).
  • Change the values to reflect out of the box configuration or create custom maintenance rules.


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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:04:21