When retrieving data using ODBC, some tables will not be available for the queries.

You will recognize this problem because executing <instance>?SCHEMA on a browser, the missing tables do not show in the results.


Some tables are not accessible via ODBC by design.

The following tables are not accessible:

  • tables where ACLs do not provide read access
  • tables that are on rotation extension
  • import set tables
  • tables that begin with "ecc_", "sysx_" and "ts_"


You can allow access to protected tables by doing the following:

  1. Go to the Microsoft DSN entry for the SN ODBC driver.
  2. Change the value of the Custom Properties field:
    • From: url=<instance>
    • To: url=<instance>;EnableDBSchema=false
  3. Reconnect to the DSN with your reporting tool, IE: Excel or ISQL, or SQL Linked Server.
  4. Validate you are able to report on the 'ldap_import' table.

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Last Updated:2020-08-10 06:00:02