When the "Connect with Board Members" function is used in a VTB a new Live Group Profile record is created. Any VTB card movement from lane to lane will subsequently trigger warnings and errors in the node logs. There doesn't appear to be any direct impact to functionality.
Warning/error examples:
///////////** ERROR EXAMPLE **//////////////
Handler authorizeSend at Processor Connect Processor failed to evaluate due to an exception in the script with the variables: {sender=username, channel=/connect/950f9eb54fc3b200ee5348f18110c773, message={event_type=conversation_message_received, event_data={is_private=true, formatted_message="test" moved from Ready to Open, has_attachments=false, profile=8bd17d914f0ecb04ee5348f18110c7dc, reflected_field=comments, message="test" moved from Ready to Open, chat_message=true, created_by=system, sys_id=3bb79519db7a9f805111f9b9af9619c3, system=true, created_on=2018-06-18 18:53:26, reply_order_chunk=1, links=[Ljava.lang.Object;@107cf36, has_tags=false, state=published, id=164143ea30d0000001, timestamp=1529348006000, order=0, group=cbcd0458db005300331577e9af9619ff, has_links=true, is_liked=false}, event_target=cbcd0458db005300331577e9af9619ff}}: no thrown error
//////////** WARNING EXAMPLE 1 **////////////
org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: Cannot convert null to an object.
Caused by error in sys_amb_processor.ed94b66d9f310200d5f9b3e2957fcfbd at line 3
1: authorizeSend(channel, message, sender);function /*boolean*/ authorizeSend(/*String*/ channel, /*Map<String, Object>*/ message, /*String*/ sender) { 
2: // Don't allow messages to be published from the client. Connect doesn't ship with any client-side publishing so force it off rather than trying to evaluate seccurity rules for every message someone might try to publish. Server-generated messages never have a page name starting with amb/connect. 
==> 3: return !gs.isInteractive() || GlideTransaction.get().getPageName().indexOf("amb/connect") != 0; 
4: }
//////////** WARNING EXAMPLE 2 **////////////
org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: Cannot convert null to an object.
Caused by error in sys_script.d96a6fc5d70331002ae9602b6e610321.script at line 25

Steps to Reproduce

*** Reproduced in Kingston Patch 6 instance ***

1. Open a list view of Incidents and filter where Active is "true"
2. Add the Impact column if not already present
3. Click the hamburger menu next to the Impact column header label and select "Show Visual Task Board"
4. In the VTB view click the "Connect with Board Members" icon in the header
5. In a separate tab open a list view of Live Group Profile [live_group_profile] records and ensure there is a new record for the "Incidents by Impact" VTB
6. In the VTB view move a card from one lane to another
7. In the node logs note the warnings and errors triggered from the "Add message to conversations" business rule (sys_script.d96a6fc5d70331002ae9602b6e610321) and the "Connect Processor" AMB Message Processor (sys_amb_processor.ed94b66d9f310200d5f9b3e2957fcfbd)


The errors/warnings triggered from the "Connect Processor" AMB Message Processor is an issue that was addressed by the development team and a fix was included in London.

This issue is fixed in London, so upgrading to London will resolve this. This problem is marked as a duplicate of PRB1264703. If needed, please refer to that problem for additional information.

Related Problem: PRB1291224

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