Please follow the following procedure if there is a requirement of excluding certain Cloud datacenters/regions from Cloud Resource Discovery.  



* This procedure should be followed with ServiceNow Jakarta & Higher releases. 
> If Cloud Management v2 plugin '' is NOT activated :  
1. Disable the existing Cloud discovery schedules for Cloud Service Account.
2. Open Cloud Service Account from Cloud Management > Cloud Infrastructure > Service Account 
3. From Logical Datacenter list, Select the regions required to be excluded and Delete them. 
4. Create a new discovery job for the Cloud Service Account.
> If Cloud Management v2 plugin '' is activated : 
1. Disable the existing Cloud discovery schedules for a certain Cloud Account.
2. Access the Cloud Account, Navigate to Cloud Admin Portal > Manage >  Cloud Accounts
3. If the Cloud Account is 'Published', Change its state to 'Draft'
4. Delete the required Regions as illustrated below :  
5. Publish the Cloud Account. 
6. From Discovery Jobs, Create a new Cloud Resource Discovery Schedule for the Cloud Account. 

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