Issue Description: Pop message appears when moving away from RITM without making any changes if List collector variable is present in the form( Changes you made may not be saved).

After further investigation and completing a number of scenarios and tests, we have found this issue is being caused by the List Collector variable. If the selection from the list collector on the Catalog item is not in the same order of the entries on the referenced table it will populate a save message when navigating away from the RITM record even though no changes have been made.

The issue is reproducible when we select the List collector values from bottom to top.

Steps to Reproduce

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Configure a Item which as a list collector with User table mapped as reference.Example here is Apple iPad3 item.
  2. Open Service Portal
  3. Search for Apple iPad3 Service Catalog
  4. Select the values in Select User list Collector variable. Please select the value from bottom to top. Example: In the list collector Alejandra Prenatt comes later to Aileen Mottern. So first select Alejandra Prenatt and then Aileen Mottern.
  5. Submit the record.
  6. Now open the RITM from the platform by going to sc_req_item table
  7. Open the RITM record and let the page load completely.
  8. Now close the RITM tab or refresh the page without making any changes
  9. Notice that the Popup appears saying Do you want to reload this site?


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