Build information:
Affected Builds: Kingston Patch 8, London Patch 1

Issue Description:
Vendor Risk Management : putting certain special characters as a response to Single Line / Multi line questions causes truncation

Characters Causing Issue :

1. & (Truncating everything after it)
2. = (Truncating everything after it)
3. % (This causes an error)
4. + (This character disappears but does not cause truncation)

Steps to Reproduce

As a pre-requisite, please make sure the following plugins are installed -

"Vendor Management Service Portal" and "GRC: Vendor Risk Assessment Designer" (Include Demo Data)

1. Create a Vendor Contact called Test Acer for the Vendor "Acer"
2. Create a Questionnire Template using Designer, and add one Single Line text fields & Multi Line Text Fields
3. Create a new Vendor Risk Management and set vendor = "Acer" add the Questionnire you created on step 1 (use Related list action "Edit" to do it)
4. Click on submit to vendor button
5. Impersonate "Test Acer" then go to /vdp
6. Open the questionnire created on step 1
7. in any of the 2 questions, put the phrase "Me & You" then hit save and refresh the page

Expected behavior
"Me & You" should remain there within the field

Actual behavior

Just "Me" remains "You" disappears


Avoid using %, & and = . This will prevent truncations.

Related Problem: PRB1304977

Seen In

Kingston Patch 8
London Patch 1 Hot Fix 2

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