Unable to save the record from List view using List V3. 

Steps to Reproduce

Activate List V3 plugin

Steps to reproduce :

1. Go to Incident table
2. Make Caller, Category and Assignment groups fields mandatory from dictionary
3. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Definitions > Record Producers and go to the record producer named 'Create Incident'.
4. Click on Try it and submit it.
5. Go to the list view for the incident table and search for the incident record that got created.
6. Double click on Assignment Group field and fill in the value for it.
(Enter Change Management)
When you click on Save, you can see that other mandatory fields show up and once you fill them
(caller - Benjamin Schkade)

and click on Save, nothing happens.

Expected behavior : We should be able to save the filled in values

Actual behavior : Unable to save the record.


As a workaround, you can disable List v3 as this issue does not exist in List v2

Related Problem: PRB1242351

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