Calendar reports show a range if the "Event to display" is set on a field name containing "start".


Steps to Reproduce

1. Open an Incident record.

2. Configure the Incident table dictionary adding the new fields below:

Label: 'start date'
Name: start_date
Type: date

Label: 'end date'
Name: end_date
Type: date

3. Open an incident record.

4. Select the current date as 'start date' and a week after as 'end date'.

5. Save the incident form.

6. Create a report as follows:

Source: table Incident
Type: calendar
Event to display on: start date

7. Run the report to see the range from start date to end date shown on the calendar.

8. Change the event to display to 'end date'.

9. Run the report to see that specific date on the calendar showing.

10. Apply the event to display on created. Observe it works as the End date by showing records on the calendar only for that specific date, with an inconsistency in the layout of the event to display for the field name containing 'start':


This is expected behaviour by design for Calendar reports.

Related Problem: PRB1302959

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