Client Access Data:

While using the SAMP-Oracle package, we may required to populate client access data such as Oracle named user and license calculation for reconciliation. If we goto the tables, we can see that there are two different tables with name samp_client_access and samp_sw_client_access.

We may get confused between these two tables as the naming is same. The real table used for the client access data is samp_sw_client_access


Currently, there is no option to auto populate the table samp_sw_client_access (like by using the discovery). Until Madrid release, the expectation is that table samp_sw_client_access should be populated manually.


Whats there on Client Access form:


Name: You can give any name that describes what model and instance (if any) in short form.

Software Model: Select the Model of client access data that you wanted to calculate.

Database Instance: This is visible only when the selected Software model product is Oracle Database

Total device count: Enter the number of Unique devices allowed to access the product.

Total user count: Enter the number of Unique users allowed to access the product.

Note: In case of Oracle DB: it's the number of user that is using this oracle instance


Automate the Client Access data population

Currently, we do not have any OOB soilution to auto populate the table samp_sw_client_access (like by using the discovery). Either by some manual automated process like import sets or others.

  • By manual entry.
  • By using the scheduled import sets and transform maps. Please refer below for scheduled import sets and transform maps.

Scheduled Import Sets

Transform maps



All releases up-to Madrid.



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Import sets

Client Access [samp_sw_client_access]

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