On a bar/pie chart report, when the length of the grouped by field name is greater than 30 characters, the field displays the choice list values instead of the labels.

Steps to Reproduce


1. Navigate to sys_dictionary.list and add a new column using the following details:

Table: incident
Type: choice
Name: u_swre_sec_ops_is_qualified_breach
Label: Is the incident a qualified breach?

2. Save the record.

3. Add the two choice records below for this dictionary entry:

Label: No
Value: 1

Label: Yes
Value: 2

4. Navigate to incident.list and update various incident records in the new field u_swre_sec_ops_is_qualified_breach with the values 1 or 2.

5. Create a new report using the following details:

Name: Test report
Table: incident
Type: bar
Group by: u_swre_sec_ops_is_qualified_breach

6. Save and Run the report

Notice the values displayed on the report are 1 and 2, instead of the labels No and Yes.



This problem is targeted to be fixed in a future release. As a workaround until a patch will be available, avoid using column names in the dictionary that are longer than 30 characters.

Related Problem: PRB1286468

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