When SNMP query returns a null/empty value, the Patten step fails to continue and generates authentication error "Check that host is accessible and correct credentials are defined" as the following screenshot.

This issue could happen to any SNMP query step. Typically it can be seen on KP8 instance due to the new SNMP query steps introduced to pattern library "SNMP - IP Device Handler" on KP8 version. Library "SNMP - IP Device Handler" is used by Patterns like "Network Switch", "Network Router"


Steps to Reproduce


Example to reproduce:


1. On KP8 instance, run Discovery Pattern "Network Switch" on Switches which has empty value for sysContact OID ( or sysLocation OID (

2. The Pattern would fail at the step due to empty value returned.




  1. Create a MID Server property, as the following screenshot.
  2. Restart all MID servers


Related Problem: PRB1250093

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Kingston Patch 10

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