PowerShell probe fails with error: "AuthorizationManager check failed".



Potential Cause

Either the PowerShell script file that is being called in the command is blocked by windows,

or the PowerShell command refers to a module that is blocked,

or one of the out of box MID Server PowerShell script is blocked.


To confirm, check the properties of the script file you are trying to run, you may see security warning as showing in the screenshot below:


If the script is not blocked, or you are not able to locate the script or command, log on MID server host, and run it locally, then below warning shall show up:


Run only scripts that you trust. While scripts from the internet can be useful, this script can potentially harm your computer.

If you trust this script, use the Unblock-File cmdlet to allow the script to run without this warning message. Do you want to run C:\PowerShellMods\MyLabModules\Sample.psm1 ?


The warning message shows the path to the file. 


To check the out of box MID Server PowerShell scripts, log on MID server host, under MID server installation folder, under subfolder: scripts > PowerShell, check if the script files are blocked by windows, especially file: PSScript.ps1



Unblock the script file in file property.


To unblock multiple files, you can use commands below:


dir <MID Install Path>

ls scripts -recurse | unblock-file


Unblock-File cmdlet reference


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