Variables are not shown as Options for Approval request for catalog tasks in Service Portal.

Steps to Reproduce


1. Go to Workflow > Workflow Editor.
2. Open the workflow named Service Catalog Item Request.
3. From the context menu, select Checkout.
4. Double click the Catalog Task workflow activity.
5. Scroll down to the Add variables section and move all the variables from the Available to Selected slushbucket.
6. Click Update.
7. From the context menu, select Publish.
8. In the Application Navigator, go to Self-Service > Service Catalog.
9. Select Hardware, then select Developer Laptop (Mac).
10. Click Order Now.
11. Open the Request record.
12. Change the Approval field to Approved and Save.
13. In the Requested Items related list, open the RITM record.
14. In the Approvers related list, double click the Requested value in the State column and change it to Approved. Click the green checkmark to save the change.
15. Reload the record. You'll see that a Catalog Task record was created and associated with the RITM record.
16. Open the Catalog Task record and you'll see that it has variables associated with it.
17. In the Approvers related list, click Edit and add Eric Schroeder as the approver for the sc_task record.
18. In the Approvers related list, change the State value from Not Yet Requested to Requested.
19. Impersonate Eric Schroeder.
20. Go to Service Portal.
21. In the header, click Approvals.
21. Select the Approval request for the SCTASK record just created.

Observe the variables associated with the sc_task record are not shown as expected options on the approval request for the Catalog Task in Service Portal.
Compare this with an Approval request for Requested Item, where the variables are instead shown.


This issue is fixed in Madrid. There is no workaround applicable. Please review the Fixed In section to determine the latest available patch your instance can be upgraded to.

Related Problem: PRB1304398

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