The Multipivot report translates the reference field only in the first column and the first row

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Activate activate plugin I18N: French Translations
  2. Activate plugin Facilities Service Management, including Demo data
    • Load the update set from the attached XML file which will:
    • Create a new table 'Facilities Typologies'
    • Create a new field in this table 'Typology'(type: Translated text)
    • Create a new label for this field for French language 'Typologie'
    • Add new fields to the new table and their translations
                 Value: 'Door' Translation: ' Porte'
                 Value: 'Floor' Translation: 'Sol'
                 Value: 'Copier' Translation: 'Copieur'
    • Add new reference field to 'Facilities Request' table referencing u_facilities_typologies.u_typology field and a new label for this field for French language 'Typologie'
  3. create a new Multipivot report 'Facilities report':
             Table: Facilities request
             Columns: Typology, State
             Rows: State, Typology, Assignment Group
  4.  Change the language to French
  5. Run the report 'Facilities report'

    Expected behavior: All text in the report is translated to French
    Actual results: The values in the second column are in English

 Now change the order of columns: Colonnes(Columns): State, Typology
Notice that once the values in the second row are not translated any more. The same as the values in the second column.


 If a field is intended to be used for grouping, the type of the field should be 'translated field' instead of 'translated text'

Related Problem: PRB1240689

Seen In

Jakarta Patch 9
Kingston Patch 6
Kingston Patch 7

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