Unexpected notifications from SLA and OLA warning and breach events


Kingston Patch 6


No RITM records matched the Start Conditions of the SLA Definition(s) in question until August 14, 2018.


The earliest task_sla record (which started on August 14, 2018), did not trigger a notification until it reached 75% of its duration on August 23, 2018 (which is expected per the design of the user's SLA workflow). 

Therefore, the behavior seen is expected. Though all of the pieces have been in place for some time to send notifications, there was never a RITM record which matched the SLA Definition's Start Conditions until August 14, 2018. Once the RITM which matched the SLA Definition's Start Conditions was created, an appropriate task_sla record was attached. After that task_sla record reached 75% of its business duration, the first notification/e-mail was sent on August 23, 2018.

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Last Updated:2018-09-17 11:01:32