This issue can be encountered either on instances using multiple currencies, or on instances with a misconfigured single currency like the following:
  • i18n.single_currency = true 
  • i18n.single_currency.code = GBP 
  • glide.system.locale = no value / null (instead of the locale for the single currency that is being used)
When you execute a data collection which includes an aggregation on a currency field, the value collected in the pa_scores is the reference value rather than the entered value. When a widget is placed on a dashboard, the expectation would be to see a value in GBP, but instead a USD value is displayed.
In case of a misconfigured single-currency instance, setting the glide.system.locale value and re-entering the data in the table has proved to resolve the issue. However, the glide.system.locale property should not be changed once the instance is live, as it causes corruption of all the currency values stored.

Steps to Reproduce

Setting the system properties below is only required to mis-configure a single currency instance:

  • i18n.single_currency = true 
  • i18n.single_currency.code = GBP 
  • glide.system.locale = [null]

The following steps are common to both single and multiple currency:
1 - Create a new table currency_pa_test with a currency column
2 - Add two records in currency_pa_test with values 100 and 10
3 - Create an indicator source to collect data from currency_pa_test . fact table = currency_pa_test
4 - Create an indicator based of the indicator source
5 - Create a job with the indicator and execute the job
6 - Check the pa_scores_l1 table /
7 - Observe the value collected is the value being displayed (128) in dollars
8 - Check the fx_currency_instance table showing an amount of 100 GBP and a Reference amount of 128.2188 USD /
9 - When the collection is run it is collecting the reference amount.


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