Build information:
London Patch 1, Kingston Patch 8

Issue Description:
Unable to attach a file in order guide when the message "View attached Image" has an apostrophe. (Issue can happen in any language as long as the message contains apostrophe)

Steps to Reproduce

1. Go to sys_ui_message table and add the following record -
* Key = "View attached image"
* Message = "View's"
* Language = "English"

2. Open the Order Guide named "New Hire" in Service Portal, Make sure you are using "SC Order Guide" widget (NOT "SC Order Guide Depricated")
3. Fill in all mandatory fields in "Describe Needs" then press "Next"
4. Open any of the associated Catalog Items and try to attach any image from your computer

Expected behavior
The image should get attached

Actual behavior
The image does not get attached and you will see a console error in browser console


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Related Problem: PRB1304213

Seen In

Kingston Patch 8
London Patch 1 Hot Fix 2

Fixed In


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