When discovering Windows devices, intermittently, Discovery would create duplicated cmdb_ci_disk_partition records for a few random disk partitions.




Upgraded instances from previous releases


For instances that got upgraded to Kingston release from other older releases, there will be both probe and pattern records shown in the 'Trigger Probes' related list for all the Windows classifications. The Pattern does most of the work that the existing Identification and Exploration probes used to do.

Upgraded instances will still use probes as default discovery method. Whereas newly provisioned Kingston instances will have "Windows OS - Servers" Pattern as default discovery. The issue arise when the Pattern is activated for the Windows Classifications but the exploration probes were not disabled.

This caused duplication effort as both patterns and probes will get the same data. Furthermore it introduces a race condition that would caused Discovery to create duplicated records.


Either revert back to probes only or make sure all exploration probes that are replaced by the patterns are disabled. Check on a newly provision Kingston to see which probes should be active and disable the rest.


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Last Updated:2018-09-14 18:27:43