The mid server can be used to communicate with ILMT server only for HTTP connections. For HTTPS communication to ILMT server Mid server cannot be used.


In order to create connections for ILMT integration using MID server, use the following steps:

1.  Navigate to application Integration – ILMT -> Setup.

2. Enter the value 'Connection and Credential' for field 'Type'

3. Enter the value 'HTTP' for field 'Connection Type'

4. On related record Connections, click New.

5. Once you have populated the name, credential and connection alias, populate the host with internal IP and port with 9081.

6. Check the box URL builder and verify that the 'Connection URL' field has http://internalIP:port as provided in step 5 and click submit.

7. To Initiate the import, navigate to Integration – ILMT -> Scheduled Import and click execute now.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:04:49