Jakarta Patch 10 : Known Errors

This article presents notable known errors in  Jakarta Patch 10, grouped by severity and organized by category. Not all known errors appear on this page. Click the link in the Article column to view details about each known error. To view other families and versions, see the  Known Error Portal.

Note: The severity level does not indicate the order in which issues will be fixed, which is determined by a combination of variables.

To view the release notes for this release family, see Jakarta Release Notes.

Severity 1

The following table lists notable Severity 1 known errors in this patch.

KB0657397PRB1152788Forms and FieldsRecord Watcher is updating fields on linked/referenced incidents if related list with List v3 is enabled and present on forms.
KB0727782PRB1242353PersistenceChanging the class for CIs from UI leads to the transaction cancellation and the deletion of few records
KB0715417PRB1252503PersistenceTPP migration on the upgrade can leave null sys_class_path values in partition tables
KB0584932PRB617735PersistenceTask Table flattening or Task Table extensions can exceed the row size limit of 8126, causing Task hierarchy errors and task table functionality degradation
KB0727701PRB631444Business Logic ProcessingChanging the sys_class_name of a record can result in the record being deleted if Mandatory field Data Policy prevents the insert in the target table

Severity 2

The following table lists notable Severity 2 known errors in this patch.

KB0623275PRB1028261PersistenceLow performance adding a new column with a default value to a very large table, for example [em_alert_history], taking an extremely long time.
KB0623810PRB1073350Import / ExportSlow business rule 'Set synchronous import set' due to non-indexed sort in setImportSetRow function to retrieve next row number
KB0623489PRB1079599Project ManagementMSP 2016 not supported in import
KB0696123PRB1091270Forms and FieldsReference qualifier on all fields is ignored when List V3 is enabled
KB0635412PRB1107867UI ComponentsDomain picker breaks upon upgrade if the instance does not contain the UI16 plugin (UI15 only)
KB0693184PRB1158590EmailThe node gets restarted due to an improper event
KB0692548PRB1160414Forms and FieldsWatchlist reference icon activates on hover only and is not keyboard accessible
KB0655925PRB1166822Forms and FieldsThe date picker is returning incorrect results
KB0657433PRB1166875ChatUsing Legacy Chat in Jakarta, the support agent is unable to respond to end user.
KB0647662PRB1169930PersistenceSlowness and potential browser lock ups when adding extended fields of cmdb_ci using a slushbucket
KB0635855PRB1173149Knowledge ManagementAllow all forms of search to return knowledge articles irrespective of language as long as there is a keyword match in that language
KB0647552PRB1181032Forms and FieldsJakarta: Glide list fields set to read-only via client script or UI policy do not update the value when the form is saved
KB0656924PRB1191307System ApplicationsCustomers are able to create multiple "Global" sys_scope records which causes issues on the instance
KB0717336PRB1203858Condition BuilderSyntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database when building a Related Condition from a TPC extended table using a reference field defined on the parent table
KB0647780PRB1234664ApprovalsManual approvals skip when included in an Approval Coordinator activity with an error
KB0661797PRB1235331Update SetsGrandchild tables of task created as TPC can be corrupt if they are created in the wrong order
KB0647810PRB1235823Persistenceflattening cmdb can introduce uneven index for reference fields which causes mysql selecting bad index for query execution
KB0662271PRB1236116Service PortalKingston Service Portal: Unable to nest multiple widgets in an already embedded widget
KB0657390PRB1238364Activity StreamThe User Preference [sys_user_preference] ".stream_input" (ex: glide.ui.incident.stream_input) can cause field visibility issues for comments and work notes depending on the form layout
KB0686848PRB1238560Guided ToursGuided tours do not work on personalized lists with the "Personalize List Columns" feature (blue gear icon with a blue dot)
KB0687751PRB1240675EmailEmail diagnostics reports false negatives when the number of email accounts exceeds the number of available progress workers
KB0696046PRB1241743ChatTask <--> Conversation relationships can get crossed when switching conversations during execution of a Connect Action
KB0657641PRB1244501Import / ExportSynch transform uses fast lock that can cause SOAP threads to get hung up (PRB1200935), exhausting all integration semaphores
KB0691338PRB1247068Forms and FieldsThe ElementTree control is no longer showing glide_list elements as being selectable
KB0688470PRB1248469Vulnerability ResponseUpdates to the sn_vul_vulnerable_item.age column causes text index events to back up
KB0677957PRB1251793NotifyNowInbound phone calls for the Notify - Twilio integration not processing properly.
KB0678843PRB1253606Incident ManagementData policies for incident state "On Hold" fire when trying to use the "Canceled" state
KB0713191PRB1258912PersistenceATF rollback only rolls back the most recent change to a field
KB0683369PRB1261431Condition BuilderThe button "Run" at the bottom of list/table queries is missing
KB0686716PRB1268370Platform SecurityDownloaded attachment redirects to page "Requested attachment does not exist" after impersonating to a user for the attachment which has encryption context
KB0685032PRB1270017UI Policy/Client ScriptService Portal: Kingston - UI Policies and Client Scripts on the Form widget are not honored when the form is saved
KB0690125PRB1271029Web ServicesRequesting sys_user WSDL is causing the instance to run out of memory
KB0690231PRB1277603ReportingPage freeze when trying to expand and collapse list of fields to dotwalk for available/selected fields on large table like cmdb_ci
KB0715385PRB1279978Incident ManagementClient Script (BP) "Hide Choice - Close" activates to true on converted, upgraded instances
KB0692585PRB1287143CurrencySaving a form with a currency field results in the currency field getting multiplied by 100
KB0690134PRB1287875NotifyNowon-premise Twilio connection error. Message: This number is not yet configured. You will now be disconnected.
KB0696044PRB1291491Guided ToursThe Guided Tour Designer throws an error if the Openframe plugin is installed
KB0713660PRB1297251Service Level Agreement (SLA)When SLA Definitions are in a domain other than global, the calculations on the Task SLA records can be incorrect and/or the workflow will not attach or be updated
KB0717328PRB1308349ListsloadRow failure java.lang.NullPointerException when a "table name" field type is added to a form
KB0720860PRB1320230MID ServerDiscovery Schedules end up 'Cancelled' because all MID Server threads are blocked by Shazzam and DNS probes, due to HTTPS Port Probes getting stuck
KB0722879PRB1321771EmailScripted evaluation of the to, cc, bcc, from, and reply-to values in email client template does not work
KB0534762PRB585707UI ComponentsForm Sections configuration - Broken relationships between [sys_ui_section] and [sys_ui_form_section] records cause forms to not load
KB0598369PRB608338Platform PerformanceWithin a synchronized block, a db call causes the node to become unavailable
KB0598314PRB609362UI Policy/Client ScriptIncident form validation issue allows ticket to get submitted without values in mandatory fields
KB0547173PRB623049Agile Development Upgrading the [SDLC - Scrum Process Pack] doesn't re-create the sys_choice records for state field on rm_story table
KB0621602PRB627055EmailFour-byte UTF8 emoji characters arriving in email are truncated in the sys_email record's subject, body, and/or text fields
KB0550121PRB629834Knowledge ManagementKnowledge search is hardcoded to ignore search terms with fewer than 3 characters
KB0549804PRB630133WorkflowIn list view, task.stage breaks UI rendering and throws a "jQuery is not defined" error when using UI11
KB0552017PRB633783Content Management System (CMS)Adding multiple iFrames to a CMS page causes the pages scroll bar to explode causing unwanted white space
KB0551911PRB633975Knowledge ManagementNeed method to make new Knowledge v3 home pages ($ public (New Jelly Page)
KB0552959PRB645057PersistenceA field of type List, transferred from a source instance via an Update Set, may not be pointing to the expected mediumtext database field on the target instance, disallowing multiple items.
KB0610500PRB645083EmailInbound Email Action unable to transfer attachments to target record due to calculated field on target table accessing getJournalEntry
KB0551305PRB645540PersistenceCustomization of a base system choice list for a field on extended table may be overwritten by an upgrade
KB0688920PRB648343PersistenceAdding a new column from "Form Layout" does not check whether the field exists in a table that extends from the current table
KB0598086PRB649261Content Management System (CMS)In a new portal, the search text box in the search results page redirects to the base system portal.
KB0564331PRB656738UI ComponentsStyle issues with Additional Comments field and Activity Formatter display
KB0598210PRB658875AuthenticationSubjectConfirmationData mismatch - SAMLRequests generated within seconds of each other
KB0688491PRB662349Dashboards and Home Pages[CANVAS] Tags not appearing on homepage
KB0610309PRB668079UI ComponentsSLAs on Requested Item table fail when using a variable set
KB0598187PRB668806Project Portfolio ManagementCannot list edit related list if the Related List Loading option 'After Form Loads' or 'On-demand' is selected
KB0610426PRB670873UI ComponentsExtended tables display work notes above comments regardless of the order indicated in the form layout
KB0610409PRB671427UI ComponentsNot all the fields are available for template_editor when creating a new sys_template for the incident table
KB0623236PRB672996PersistenceRe-parenting of cmdb_ci to cmdb during an upgrade can cause data loss on unique, composite indexes on cmdb_ci (split after re-parenting).
KB0598896PRB689186List v3With List v3, the sys_user table list fails to load if the name field starts with a dot followed by a space
KB0622432PRB704793Platform PerformanceWhen using UI16 in IE (and other browsers), the application navigator (left nav) is blank and stuck on 'Loading...' and never loads or renders the Applications and Modules after 15 minutes or more
KB0687145PRB707453Knowledge ManagementFrame gets shortened - Order an item in Service Catalog
KB0692578PRB709946Forms and FieldsAnnotations that denote sections of a form should use header tags
KB0598890PRB716032UI ComponentsUser preferences such as my_home_navigation_page and related_list_timing are incorrectly being set to false, breaking homepages and related lists
KB0610585PRB716958Service PortalIE11 Memory consumption issue in Service Portal
KB0623129PRB718318System ApplicationsUnable to launch Studio via Studio module when UI11 is enabled
KB0621009PRB752083Platform SecurityUpon login, users are redirected to banner image/product icon instead of a homepage
KB0621591PRB832997PersistenceCopy from String (Full-UTF8) to String causes data truncation if content contains Unicode
KB0717315PRB837118UI ComponentsWYSIWYG editor in the KB article does not work for either URL or the local video library
KB0692475PRB903821Performance AnalyticsNot able to see the widgets in the dashboard from global as the user from top,acme domains
KB0635012PRB905758Usage AnalyticsUnable to activate plugins on sub-production instance(s) after cloning from production instance
KB0622300PRB933587ChatCMS Chat Legacy "Not available" message is not showing when Schedule is out of hours
KB0647479PRB935816Service Catalog: Service Portal WidgetsService Portal Catalog: Need a mechanism to set the 'Requested For' value for Order Guides
KB0622397PRB935863Asynchronous Message BusMemory leak may prevent AMB (chat, record watcher, etc) messages from being sent when session_message_queue_size reaches capacity
KB0692614PRB944187UI ComponentsTable labels get corrupted after upgrading a translated instance containing an invalid language in the system property glide.sys.language
KB0635475PRB964769Performance AnalyticsPerformance Analytics data collection jobs cause nodes to run out of memory (originally PRB650867)

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