When an approval record is approved in Service Portal it immediately shows the previous updated time of the record instead of showing "just now".


Upon a refresh of the page it'd correctly show the accurate time.

Steps to Reproduce


1. Activate service portal plugin as administrator
2. Impersonate a user who has approvals assigned
3. Open the service portal homepage /sp
4. Under the Approvals menu click on one of the approval records
5. In the approval page click on 'Approve' in the approval info widget

Notice the panel header shows Approved [earlier updated time ago] instead of Approved Just now, and the panel body shows updated just now.


This issue is targeted to be fixed in a future release, review the Fixed In or Intended Fix Version fields to plan a possible upgrade.

As a workaround in the meanwhile, the correct value is shown on page refresh.

Related Problem: PRB1189561

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