The Variable value will not be saved if the Variable name is the same as Variable Set Internal name it is associated with in London release Service Catalog

This is a new feature in London release.


  1. Create a Service Catalog named 'testSNC'.
  2. Create a Variable Set named 'test for london'.
  3. In the Variable Set, create a Variable named 'test_for_london'.
  4. Order this item, the Variable value is not saved.

The Internal name for Variable Set had been added in London release(c1.png), we should not have the same name for Variable Set and a Variable associated to that set.


Applicable Versions

London release

Additional Information

Other symptoms:

- The Client Scripts associated with the Variable doesn't work. For example, g_form.setValue('test_for_london',123); 

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Last Updated:2018-09-19 14:17:41